Silo Facilities

komponenten siloThe safe storage of raw materials is a top priority for every brewery. We plan and deliver complete systems with steel silos for the intake and storage of malt and other raw materials. The silos can be designed in a round or square shape, in profile or smooth wall design as well as for installation in buildings or outdoors.





  • Round silos

    Round silos

    are the classic solution for installing silos, mostly outdoors, but in individual cases also inside of a building. The screwed silos made of zinc steel are mostly designed as hopper silos; but in individual cases - especially for very large silos - also with a flat bottom. Round silos for breweries are technically feasible up to a volume of approx. 9000 m³ or approx. 5,000 t of malt per individual silo and can also be designed with a double wall for better insulation and tightness.
  • Rectangular silos

    Rectangular silos

    form a more compact system with a significantly smaller footprint than comparable round silos. They are made from lacquered steel sheets. The silos are usually insulated or equipped with a metal sheet facade, which can be varied in colour. Rectangular silos are available up to approx. 1,300 m³ volume respective 700 t malt per individual silo.

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